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Advertiser Solutions

It's time to evolve from tedious communications with third-party vendors. In-house print buyers will save time and money with Mediafiche's comprehensive media buying marketplace.

Our user-friendly navigation allows advertisers to shop with ease. From large corporations to small businesses, we provide a marketplace that is accessible to buyers with a variety of experience levels.

Tired of researching and compiling rates for your print media buys? Over 5,000 magazine titles are featured in our expansive media kit database. Print media buyers will quickly discover titles that match their audience criteria and media objectives with our highly-targeted Search + Browse filters.

We've eliminated painful rate negotiations by allowing advertisers to simply make an offer. Print media buyers will send offers and purchase all within a few clicks. Mediafiche offers one-stop-shop solutions that remove time-consuming media buying processes, including reconciliation and order confirmations.

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