Mediafiche for Agencies

Automate your media buying processes.

Agency Solutions

Don't let traditional media buying slow you down. With Mediafiche, agency print buyers will browse titles, compare rates, negotiate and purchase media for clients — all within a few clicks.

Our expansive media kit database features over 5,000 magazine titles. Print media buyers will quickly discover titles that match their audience criteria and media objectives with our highly-targeted Search + Browse filters. Side-by-side comparisons of the magazine data allow print buyers to make informed decisions faster.

Agency print buyers can now communicate and negotiate with publishers in a single platform. Mediafiche eliminates the need to spend hours calling and emailing advertising vendors. Our simplified Offer Process provides a streamlined rate negotiation channel.

We've automated every aspect of the media buying process. Mediafiche offers an end-to-end marketplace that removes tedious back-office tasks, including reconciliation and order confirmations.

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